Cykl życia cykad – Wschodnie Stany Zjednoczone zaatakowane przez cykady

Life cycle of cicadas - CicadaLife cycle of cicadas

Life cycle of cicadas – While the north-eastern states of the US invaded by cicadas in the 17year cycle, the south-east are experiencing the same thing, but in another, 13-year-old. What is the relationship between numbers 17 and 13. This is a prime number. Scientists suspect that these cycles are just that, not to have met with the life cycles of their natural enemies, who live in cycles 2- or 3-year-old. Avoiding in this way any predator that lives longer than one year and less than the same cicadas.

Plemnik żywy po śmierci – Nawet przez kilka dni

Sperm survive death - Human_spermatozoaSperm survive death

Sperm survive deathMany areas of the body remains active even a few hours after confirmation of death. Sperm survive the death of even a few days. Eric Baccino pulmonologist from the University Clinic in Montpellier is convinced:

There is no exact terms of the biological definition of death.

Kontakt pestycydów – Podwyższa ryzyko autyzmu

Contact with pesticides - Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on food crops.Contact with pesticides

Contact with pesticides – Research shows that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy increases the risk of developmental disorders in children (including autism) and cardiovascular disease later in life. These substances are also associated with obesity and diabetes. The European Commission after reviewing studies of pesticides in 1000, ordered to withdraw from the market approx. 700 of them.

Syllogomania – Zaburzenia psychiczne patologicznego zbieractwa


Syllogomania – According to the classification of mental disorders American Psychiatric Association throwing old stuff makes trouble every fifth person, and the problem of pathological collecting (syllogomania) applies from 2 to 6 percent of the population of the United States and Europe. The first symptoms appear in the teenage years and worse with every decade of life. Although the causes of disorder are still unknown, the patient requires psychiatric help. 75% of pathological collectors had also suffer from anxiety disorders and more than half are diagnosed with major depression.

Życie na Marsie – Teoretycznie możliwe

Life on Mars - Mars_HubbleLife on Mars

Life on Mars – Could exist only in the first 600 million years of its existence. At least, so say scientists from the University of Rhode Island. Climate that prevailed at the time on Mars was wet and warm, experts believe. Theoretically, it is therefore possible that life arose here. Unfortunately, over time the planet dry and reigned on the hostile conditions in which they could not survive even the simplest organisms. Team of researchers came to these conclusions based on the analysis of mineral samples from Mars. The change came about. 4 billion years ago and was most likely the result of volcanic eruptions. Since then, the minerals formed without the aid of water and are very rich in iron.

Gleba tworzona bez przerwy – Erozja jest naturalnym procesem

Gleba tworzona bez przerwy – Erozja jest naturalnym procesem

Gleba tworzona bez przerwy – Erozja jest naturalnym procesem

Gleba tworzona bez przerwy – Mimo to uważamy ją za nieodnawialne źródło. W porównaniu z długością życia człowieka nie odnawia się wystarczająco szybko. Powstawanie centymetrowej warstwy gleby trwa setki lat. Jest to również ograniczone źródło. Teraz wszystko zależy od sposobu jego wykorzystania. Obecnie na każdego mieszkańca Polski przypada ok. 0,4 ha użytków rolnych. Powierzchnia użytków rolnych zmniejszała się przez ostatnie sto lat. Na polach powstawały fabryki oraz rozrastające się miasta. To nie jedyny niekorzystny czynnik. Kolejnym powodem jest erozja wodna. Urodzajna ziemia jest wymywana i bezpowrotnie znika. Erozja jest procesem naturalnym, ale ingerencja człowieka w krajobraz kilkukrotnie nasila jej oddziaływanie.