Zagrożenie chipsów – Ryzyko zdrowotne wywoływane regularną konsumpcją

Zagrożenie chipsów – Chipsy ziemniaczane

Zagrożenie chipsów – Ryzyko zdrowotne wywoływane regularną konsumpcją

Chips threat – Polish scientists from the Institute of Food and Nutrition demonstrated health risks, which carries regular consumption of chips. Chips contain unhealthy fats, high in salt and acrylamide, which is toxic to the nervous system. Induces chronic inflammation of the body and increases the risk of cancer. The study was conducted on a group of 14 persons who ate the 4 weeks after every packet of potato chips (160 g). It turned out that after this time in their increased blood levels of acrylamide compounds responsible for inflammation in the body (CRP, IL-6) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Further demonstrated that acrylamide bound to hemoglobin, so that it can not be efficiently removed from the body.




Insomnia – Which is one of the diseases of civilization, seriously affects the state of human health. American specialists found that insomnia increases the concentration of inflammatory hormones in the body. What can manifest itself, among others, poorer functioning blood vessels, consequently leading to heart attack or stroke.

Co prowadzi do sukcesu?

Co prowadzi do sukcesu - Power_house_mechanic_cropped

Co prowadzi do sukcesu?

Co prowadzi do sukcesu? – Daniel S. Hamermesh, an economist at Princeton University, describes in his publication „Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful”, which besides the beautiful appearance raises a salary :

  1. Education
  2. Age (for approx. 55 years of age, then decreases)
  3. Health
  4. Belonging to trade union (in the US called unions, affiliating employees of free professions, and corporations are powerful opponent)
  5. Marriage (increases in men, decreases in women)
  6. Breed (minorities earn less)
  7. The size of the city (greater premium on)
  8. Nationality (immigrants earn less)
  9. Company size (greater premium on)
  10. Seniority in the company


Parasomnia - "The Nightmare engraving" - Thomas Burke


Parasomnia – This phenomena accompanying sleep. Do not concern the length and quality of sleep. These are eg. Nightmares, night terror, sleep walking or wake up with confusion. An interesting type of parasomnia is a team ofexploding head” – in falling asleep there is a feeling that something exploded in or next to his head. It is very difficult to sleep after such an experience, but the doctors did not see any health risks stemming from this disorder.

Alkohol wspomaga pamięć – Większy potencjał mózgu

Alcohol supports memory - Drinks_on_the_houseAlcohol supports memory

Alcohol supports memory – Moderate drinking can promote human health. A new discovery of scientists from The University of Texas at Austin after examining the effects of alcohol on the brains of seniors.

Adults who consumed alcohol in their old age, they were healthier, distinguished by better perception and had a greater brain capacity than people who reduced their consumption of alcohol because of health problems,

– said Brian Downer, research manager.

Grupa krwi wpływ na pamięć – Wywołuje demencję

Blood group affects memory - ABO_donation_pathBlood group affects memory

Blood group affects memory – In a study conducted by the doctor Mary Cushman, attended by 30 thousand. people aged from 45 years. Of this group, the researchers chose 495 participants, who in three years there were disturbances in thinking and memory problems. In the second group there were 587 people who did not detect any health problems. It has been found that the group forgetful 6% had blood group AB.

These people were as much as 82% more likely to appear at their problems with concentration, speech and short-term memory, which may signal dementia,

summed up Mary Cushman. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

Mikroby ludzkiego organizmu – HMP

Microbes of human body - Human_Microbiome_Project_logoMicrobes of human body

Microbes of human body – The first results of the Project on Human microbiome (Human Microbiome Project – HMP) are amazing. The genome of microbes more than 8 million protein-coding genes. In the human and just 22,000. In human bodies inhabited by about 10,000 species of bacteria. Each personcarries a approx. A thousand species. It is not known until the end of what’s going on in these differences between individual „loads” of microbes, but it seems that the more species we have in ourselves, that we are healthier.