Galileusz – Filozof, fizyk, astronom


Galileusz – Filozof, fizyk, astronom

Galileusz – 15.02.1642 born Italian philosopher, physicist and astronomer Galileo. Developer basics of modern physics. He confirmed the heliocentric theory of Copernicus. 07.01.1610. He discovered the four largest moons of Jupiter, later named in his honor.

Guglielmo Marconi – Włoski wynalazca radia

Guglielmo Marconi – Włoski wynalazca radia

Guglielmo Marconi – Włoski wynalazca radia

Guglielmo Marconi – 25.04.1874 born Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi. He works on the construction of the radio. In 1897. He received a patent for „The transmission of electrical signals and in 1901. Conducted a radio transmission across the Atlantic. In 1909. together with Karl Braun he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of wireless telegraphy.

Statystyka rzutu karnego – Europejskie trzy sezony

Statystyka rzutu karnegoStatystyka rzutu karnego - Kolor zielony

– Udany rzut karny (74.7 %)


Statystyka rzutu karnego - Kolor niebieski
– Obroniony przez bramkarza (18.2 %)


Statystyka rzutu karnego - Kolor czerwony
– Strzał nietrafiony w bramkę (3.5 %)


Statystyka rzutu karnego - Kolor brązowy
– Hit the woodwork (and not ended with goal) (3.6 %)

Statystyka rzutu karnego – Europejskie trzy sezony

Statystyka rzutu karnego – In 2008. Castrol has commissioned a detailed study of penalty kicks executed in three seasons in football leagues: English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. The whole is complemented by the results of the Champions League, UEFA Cup and European Championship. With the 1527 penalty shoot the ball landed in the net in 75.7% of cases. It follows that the ¼ of penalties will not translate into goals. 3.6% of all shots landed outside the goal, stopped the remaining 3.5% of the posts or crossbar. Goalkeepers managed to defend up 18.2% strokes.

Kobiecy zmysł węchu – Efekty cyklu menstruacyjnego

Female sense of smell - Human_NoseFemale sense of smell

Female sense of smell – In 2001. Italian scientists have studied the effects of the menstrual cycle on the sense of smell. It turned out that the nose is the most sensitive in the ovulation period, at a time when they are most fertile women. After three months of hormonal contraception women lost their greater sensitivity to odors in about ovulation.

Czasopismo naukowe PLoS ONE – Wyniki badań

Research in PLoS ONE - PLoS_ONE_logoResearch in PLoS ONE

Research in PLoS ONE – Researchers from Italy and the US scientific journalPLoS ONEpublished their findings, which looked at the behavior of more than a million Facebook users and 73 sites promoting scientific and pseudo-scientific content. The main conclusions of these publications are: Facebook users have a strong tendency to polarize opinion and search for content corresponding to or rather confirm their beliefs.

Kostka miedzi w kriostacie – Konstrukcja kriostatu

Copper cube in cryostat - CUORE_Cryostat_ConstructionCopper cube in cryostat

Copper cube in cryostat – Italian researchers from the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) put the copper cube with a volume of 1 and 400 kg in a special cryostat designed so that extremely cool down items. This is the first cryostat, which maintains the temperature course barely above the absolute zero (0 Kelvin = -273.15 ° C). In the case of copper cube thermometer stopped just 6 milikelwinach, or 0.006 degree above absolute zero.

Neurony lustrzane – Odpowiedzialne za empatię

Mirror neurons - Rafał OhmeMirror neurons

– For our extraordinary abilities are responsible mirror neurons, the nerve cells scattered in different regions of the brain. They allow you to feel the emotions and intentions of others. Responsible for empathy.

says Prof.. Rafal Ohme, psychologist and specialist in neuroscience consumer.

Mirror neurons - Giacomo RizzolattiWithout mirror neurons would not be possible, most human relationships. We could not understand each other

– adds Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti of the University of Parma in the Italy. He got on the trail of mirror neurons by accident, when in the late 80s led research on the effects of motor cortex in the brain. He wanted to know how the brain behaves monkeys family of macaques, when performing simple tasks.

Kościelna wieża w wodzie

Church tower in water - ReschenseeChurch tower in water

Church tower in waterThe lake Reschensee in South Tyrol (Italy) waiting an unusual sight: a protruding from the water Church tower. Only that was from the village of Alt-Graun. In the 50s of the last century energy company decided to create there a reservoir for electricity and water. AltGraun residents were displaced, and the valley around the village – was poured. Today, almost nothing after it has been – apart from protruding from the water tower of the ancient parish church of St. Catherine.

Długoterminowy pobyt w kosmosie – Przyspiesza starzenie skóry

Long-term stay in space - Samantha_Cristoforetti_official_portraitLong-term stay in space

Long-term stay in space – Accelerates the aging of the skin. Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti after 199 days of the mission to the International Space Station ISS had a 20% thinner skin, but by no means not the only change that affects the body. Sensation of taste in space is somewhat impaired. In the state of weightlessness bodily fluids migrate to the top, mucous membranes swell, we feel a little rhinitis and we have a smaller appetite. There is also disorientation. Our labyrinth is not accustomed to the lack of gravity vector, which on Earth says, where is down and where the top. There are headaches. Our body stretches. There is no gravity, so there is also what squeeze the spine, which can grow several centimeters. To muscles do not diminished, the astronauts in their daily schedule also have a designated time to exercise.