Podstawowe emocje

Podstawowe emocje

Podstawowe emocje

Podstawowe emocje – During the 70s. American psychologist Paul Ekman identified a basic set of seven emotions, which can be read from his face: joy, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt and surprise. His findings were the basis of detection lies. The assumption was that our faces can be read involuntarily mikrogrymasy, betraying even the best cheater.

Strach jak perfumy

Fear like perfumeFear like perfume

Fear like perfume – Researchers from the University of Munich showed that fear is spreading through the air. Just to our brain she sensed fear pheromones contained in sweat stressed people and they begin to be afraid. Feeling fear pushes us to hasty and risky behavior. Responsible for this state of affairs is the structure located symmetrically over our ears, namely the amygdala.

Strach przed krachem przemysłu naftowego

Oil industry collapse fears - Extraction of oilOil industry collapse fears

Oil industry collapse fears – In 1956. Foretold the collapse of the oil industry geologist Marion King Hubbert. According to him, the United States after 1970. Had used half of its oil resources.

The US president Jimmy Carter in the 70s gave a memorable sentence:

„It is possible that the total oil resources around the world run out by the end of the next decade

Strach ma wielkie oczy

Fear has big eyes - EyeFear has big eyes

Fear has big eyes – The researchers found that the expression of the eyes has a practical significance. With a wider opening of the eye increases the sensitivity of the pupils to light, so also increases the width of the field of view. Better vision helps locate potential risk.