Podziemne odkrycia Los Angeles

Podziemne odkrycia Los Angeles

Podziemne odkrycia Los Angeles

Podziemne odkrycia Los Angeles – In downtown Los Angeles during the construction of the underground car park, have been dug up animal remains from the Ice Age. Called to the place paleontologists have discovered bones of: cougar, wolves, horses, European bisons and other mammals. Near the main findings lay the skeleton of the mammoth.

Ptaki wydają dźwięki

Ptaki wydają dźwiękiPtaki wydają dźwięki - Oddychanie ptakówPtaki wydają dźwięki - Układ oddechowy ptaków

Ptaki wydają dźwięki

Ptaki wydają dźwięki – Birds make sounds using a special organ called the lower larynx. Situated at the end of the trachea, it has no vocal cords, such as mammals. Their function is performed membrane located in the trachea and bronchi major. A loud sound is made possible by strengthening it in the air sacspecial tabs lungs. In addition, organ voice bird consists of two parts which can work independently of each other, and some species are able to sing at the same time two different melodies. Many species of birds there is no organ voice, and the sound from such dates. Clatter of the bow (storks) or hitting with various hard objects (woodpeckers).

Rozmiar penisa antropoidów

Anthropoids penis size - ChimpanzeeAnthropoids penis size

Anthropoids penis size – According to a study conducted in 2013 at Indiana University, the average male penis erection is 14, 15 cm. The best equipped, the mammal is a chimpanzee chief, whose penis in erection reaches a length of 8 cm. Larger orangutans are almost twice shorter penis, and male gorillas, which reach adulthood growth of 165-175 cm and weigh 140-204 kg, have a penis length of only 3 cm.

Możliwości węchu zwierzęcego

Animal olfactory opportunities - Male-African-Elefant-Loxodonta-africana-in-Serengeti Animal olfactory opportunities - Aussie_Bonnie_plays_with_footballAnimal olfactory opportunities

Animal olfactory opportunities – Researchers at the University of Tokyo compared the number of genes responsible for the sense of smell in 13 mammals, including man. It turned out that of all the animals tested was the elephant has the most olfactory genesin 1948, in second place came the rat (1207 genes), followed by the cow (1186 genes). Dogs of 811 genes were in the middle of the statement, and a man of 396 genes was ninth. Worst fell orangutan, which has only 296 olfactory genes.

Najdłuższa ciąża – Zwierzęta lądowe oraz morskie

Longest pregnancy - Chlamydoselachus_anguineus_NOOA Longest pregnancy - Alpensalamander_in_Eile Longest pregnancy - ElephantLongest pregnancy

Longest pregnancy – Frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus), a primitive deep-sea shark, pregnancy lasts until 3.5 years. From terrestrial animals record holder is alpine salamander (Salamandra atra), 12inch amphibian, which lives only in the central and eastern Alps. At the height of 650-1000 m.n.p.m its pregnancy lasts two years, and at an altitude of 1400-1700 m.n.p.m up to 3 years. With mammals longest pregnancy are elephants up to 2 years.

Mięso sprzyja nowotworom – Neu5Gc w tkance nowotworowej

Meat promotes cancer - Fresh_meatMeat promotes cancer

Meat promotes cancer – Researchers at the University of California focused on a particle called sugar Neu5Gc, which was found in tumor tissues. The human body unlike organisms carnivorous mammals do not produce this molecule, but it assumes in the diet. The most risky meats turned out to be beef, pork, lamb and buffalo meat.