Najstarszy piktogram – Przedstawienie pojęcia

Najstarszy piktogram w Turcji - Mapa Göbekli TepeNajstarszy piktogram – Przedstawienie pojęcia

Najstarszy piktogram w Turcji – Archeolodzy w Gobekli Tepe w Turcji znaleźli najstarszy piktogram, czyli przedstawienie pojęcia za pomocą obrazu. Na jednym z obelisków odkryli rysunek ludzkiej głowy w skrzydle sępa i bezgłowego ciała ludzkiego pod stelą. Wokół ciała znajdują się ptaki i skorpiony. Według ekspertów jest to piktograficzne przedstawienie konkretnego wydarzenia. Rysunek pochodzi sprzed 12 tys. lat. Prawdopodobnie scena wiąże się z rytuałami pogrzebowymi. W tym czasie ludzie chowali zmarłych w otwartych grobach, w których pozostawiali ich na pożarcie drapieżników i padlinożerców. Ówcześni mieszkańcy wierzyli, że w ten sposób dusza zmarłego trafi do nieba. Wyobrażenia na temat zwyczajów pogrzebowych ówczesnych mieszkańców Gobekli Tepe archeolodzy zyskują przede wszystkim ze znalezisk z okolicy najstarszego kompleksu świątynnego, który służył jako ośrodek religijny dla większego regionu.

First birds – Victims of dinosaurs

First birds - Microraptor_575_ALFirst birds

First birds – Paleontologist Jingmal O’Connor made in China discovery that the first birds were victims of representatives of the dinosaurs.

– „125 million years ago, dinosaur Microraptor Gui hunted and devoured entirely representative of primitive birds from the group Enantiornithines. The find confirms our belief that the dromerosaurs lived on the trees.

Birds made sounds

Birds made sounds - bird_rishikeshBirds made sounds - birdrespiration Birds made sounds - birdrespirationBirds made sounds

Birds made sounds – Birds make sounds using a special organ called the lower larynx. Situated at the end of the trachea, it has no vocal cords, such as mammals. Their function is performed membrane located in the trachea and bronchi major. A loud sound is made possible by strengthening it in the air sacspecial tabs lungs. In addition, organ voice bird consists of two parts which can work independently of each other, and some species are able to sing at the same time two different melodies. Many species of birds there is no organ voice, and the sound from such dates. Clatter of the bow (storks) or hitting with various hard objects (woodpeckers).

Aggression among animals

Aggression among animals - hippos_fighting_in_amboseli_national_parkAggression among animals

Aggression among animals – Many species of animals avoiding battles, shows aggression usually defending the defenseless young. Musk oxen during the attack of wolves to protect offspring by surrounding them with a circle forming on the outside wall with sharp corners. Blackbirds attack cats located near their outlet. Sow boar in fear of children can compel a man to flee to the tree.

Eye evolution – Development of sight

Eye evolutionEye evolution

Eye evolution – We see the world around us through opsins – proteins containing photosensitive dyes, produced by the receptors of the retina. In humans and other animals with type chordates Branchiostoma lanceolatum, fish, amphibian, reptile or bird. The variety is known as copsin. Meanwhile, in arthropods and cephalopods so the spiders and octopuses. This is the function differently built r-opsin. So it looks as if nature created two different ways of development of sight, at a very early stage of evolution.

Biggest oil spills – Have long-term consequences

Biggest oil spills - Exxon_Valdez_Cleanup Biggest oil spills - Muxia1Marenegra1eueBiggest oil spills - Defense.gov_photo_essay_1Biggest oil spills

Biggest oil spills:

  • 24.03.1989 Tanker Exxon Valdez crashed off the coast of Alaska. Leaked out of it approx. 41 million liters of crude oil. It was one of the biggest ecological disasters, which claimed the lives of hundreds thousands of people.
  • 19.11.2002 Tanker MT Prestige sank off the northern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Leaked it 63 thousand tons of oil, and the cost of their removal amounted to more than 8 billion euros.
  • 20.04.2010 On an oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico exploded for unknown reasons, as a result of which sank the entire platform. The result was disaster oil spill area of 10 thousands km².

Biggest oil spills - King_Eider_covered_in_oilOil spill has long-term consequences. As a result, thousands are dying of marine animals including birds. Hazardous substances accumulate in the bodies of animals and also threaten the health of consumers.