Zagłębienia piłeczki golfowej – Przyrost siły nośnej, obniżenie oporu

Dimples on golf ball - Golf_ball_2 Dimples on golf ball - GOLF_(3242206038)Dimples on golf ball

Dimples on golf ball – Alter the flow of air to increase lift and reduce drag. During the rotation of balls in the air cause high blood pressure under the ball, and the vacuum over it. Reduce resistance by holding the air around the ball, which reduces the inhibitory sucking emerging behind the ball tail of vacuum and allows the ball to fly farther.

Ryzyko pogromu cukrzycą

Risk of diabetes - ptd-logo         Risk of diabetes - SED_logo

Risk of diabetes

Risk of diabetes – President of the Association Diabetes EducationBeata Stepanow says:

In Poland, the lives of 3 million people with diabetes, but conscious and treated with only 2.2 million. If primary care physicians will not increase their vigilance, we risk pogrom.

President of the Polish Diabetes Association – prof. Leszek Czupryniak considered:

There is a lack of perspective thinking and a national program for the prevention of diabetes and its complications.


Korzystny wpływ ćwiczeń fizycznych jogi

Beneficial influence of yoga - Dickinson_Law_Yoga_OfferingBeneficial influence of yoga

Beneficial influence of yoga – Researchers from Harvard Medical School still provide new evidence on how the beneficial effects of yoga has on the body and mind. According to the latest research psychiatrist John Denninger, using neuroimaging and advanced genomics, yoga turns off „stress genes” and increases the power of the immune system, thereby significantly reducing the risk of developing „stress-derivatives” of diseases: hypertension, heart disease, diabetes. It soothes anxiety and helps fight depression.

Kościół na rozdrożu

Church at crossroadsChurch at crossroads

Church at crossroads – In the years of martial law in Poland (1981 – 1983), only 55% of Catholics took part in Sunday Mass. This indicator fell below 50% shortly after the change of regime (1990), despite the fact that these were the years of the special pastoral activity of John Paul II. After the death of Pope briefly increased by 2% to fall below 40 today.

Statystyka samobójstw – Większe ryzyko dla mężczyzn

Suicides statistic - Ryszard_siwiec_stadion_X_leciaSuicides statistic

Suicides statistic – Being a man is associated clearly with an increased risk. For one woman the dying by his own hand for as much as 6 men. Prof. Maria Jarosz, sociologist PAN (Polish Academy of Science), in its recent publication devoted to suicide examine cases from the past 60 years and found a 400% increase in the number of male suicides.

Wyniki testów IQ – Przyrost zwany efektem Flynna

IQ tests results - IQ_by_CountryIQ tests results

IQ tests results – The average 30-year-old man 50 years ago had a lower IQ than thirty years old today. In most developed countries over the last 75 years IQ test scores improved by more than 20 points. The increase in IQ is called the Flynn effect, and its causes are still unknown. Perhaps that is responsible for an increase in the level of education and a higher standard of living.

Aparat fotograficzny za plecami – Eksperyment z wolontariuszami

Camera behind back - Pineal glandCamera behind back

Camera behind back – They conducted an experiment in which volunteers were sitting in a closed room, and behind them was installed camera and did not know when it is activated. Over 70% of people participating in this experiment were recorded rapid heart rate, and increased body temperature, when they were under observation. Some neurologists are convinced of the existence of the „third eye”. They seek it in the pineal gland, which is also in total darkness captures visual stimuli. Probably has the ability to detect the electromagnetic field – and therefore probably can receive the information in a different frequency range.

Starszy wiek staje się prostszy – Szybsza odbudowa komórek mięśniowych

With age becoming easily - Happy_old_manWith age becoming easily

With age becoming easily – Just three days noticeably increase the dose of daily traffic to enable efficient metabolism. With age, it is becoming easier, the older man, the faster formation of new muscle cells. They break down the sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Normalny mięsień sercowy – Puls zdrowego dorosłego człowieka

Normally heart muscleNormally heart muscle

Normally heart muscle – Heart healthy adult human beats per minute 60 to 80 times. Resting pulse of 60 is regarded as a guarantee of a healthy heart for many years. It protects the vessels and thus minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart. If the pulse is constantly oscillates between 81 and 90, the risk of death by. Danish studies is 2x higher, and with over 90 increases almost 3x.

Gorący czas pogotowia ratunkowego – Spada między 9 – 10 rano

Hot time in ambulance service - AmbulanceHot time in ambulance service

Hot time in ambulance service – Falls between 9 am and 10 am. This peak phase lasted from 6 to 12, which occurs 40% of fatal heart attacks. Responsible for this is a protein called Klf15, the system clock of the heart. In the morning it provides increased supply of potassium to the heart muscle, increasing blood pressure.