Aktywność umysłowa starszego wieku – Liczba neuronów

Aktywność umysłowa starszego wieku – Waga mózgu z wiekiem

Aktywność umysłowa starszego wieku – Liczba neuronów

Aktywność umysłowa starszego wieku – Liczba neuronów – The decrease in mental activity in old age was attributed to the decreasing with age, the number of brain cells. Neurologists from universities in Boston and Washington, however, proved. That almost all of the 10 billion cells used while thinking, they are active even in 80-year-olds.

Efekty alkoholizmu – Naprawa uszkodzonych neuronów

Efekty alkoholizmu – Alkoholik na ulicy, Hiszpania

Efekty alkoholizmu – Naprawa uszkodzonych neuronów

Efekty alkoholizmu – Naprawa uszkodzonych neuronów – Scientists from Wurzburg in Germany found that damage to brain cells caused by excessive alcohol consumption can be repaired only partially. They note that in the interest of alcoholics is the fastest return to sobriety. Longer heavy drinking causes brain regeneration proceeds with great difficulty.

Korzystne efekty fizycznych ćwiczeń

Korzystne efekty fizycznych ćwiczeń

Korzystne efekty fizycznych ćwiczeń

Korzystne efekty fizycznych ćwiczeń – Have a positive impact on the level of neurotrophic factor BDNF, which promotes growth, improves communication and survival of neurons. A diet rich in healthy fats, for example. Omega-3 fatty acid, nourishes the brain tissue, where fat plays a key role – creates a sheath cellular and myelin.

Słownik myśli

Słownik myśli - Michio Kaku

Słownik myśli

Słownik myśli – On the initiative of prof. Michio Kaku, a scientist at New York University, created a mental dictionary. Every time we think about a cat or dog, our brain lights up” in a specific way. We are able to better read these activation patterns of nerve cells. The dictionary is still primitive – it contains only a few entries but in the end becomes big enough that you will be able to read someone’s thoughts on the basis of a brain scan.

Explosion !!! – Eksplozja technologii cyfrowej

Explosion - Digital_DigitsExplosion !!!

Explosion – The explosion of digital technology changed the way we live and communicate with other people. It also allows you to perform extremely advanced scientific research. Researchers believe that daily contact with advanced technology changes the functioning of our brain. Using search engines, smart phones equipped with cameras and camcorder or video games stimulates the metabolism of brain cells and causes the release of neurotransmitters.

Skomplikowany mózg

Complicated brain - complete_neuron_cell_diagram_enComplicated brain

Complicated brain – It is the most complex organ, consisting of a hundred billion nerve cells (neurons). Each neuron in contact with other neurons through thousands of junctions (synapses), which means that your brain is more connections than the stars in the universe! A fragment of brain tissue the size of a grain of sand is a hundred thousand neurons and billions of synapses, and all communicate with each other.

Ośmiornica posiada trzy serca

Octopus has three hearts - CaliforniaTwoSpotOctopus2Octopus has three hearts

Octopus has three hearts – Octopus is a highly intelligent cephalopod, has neurons in the tentacles, teeth, tongue, and three hearts. Octopuses also have an unusual blood color: blue. Their transport of oxygen through the blood is not based on iron, but the copper. This solution is better suited to low temperatures and low oxygen concentrations.

Ludzka kora mózgowa – Nie jest największa

Human cerebral cortex - Human_brain_female_side_viewHuman cerebral cortex

Human cerebral cortex – Man does not have the largest brain in the animal kingdom. Neither the relatively or absolutely. Due to the high density and the thickness of the cerebral cortex people they have the largest number of cortical neurons. So many neurons have neither large mammals hominid, or large animals, such as the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) and false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens).

Drugi mózg – Neurokardiologiczne odkrycie

Second brain - Anatomy_Heart_English_TiesworksSecond brain

Second brain – As in the case of operations on the brain heart surgery also it requires extraordinary precision. Neurocardiologists discovered the fact that the heart not only pumps blood through the body this organ also has about 40,000 nerve cells that constantly exchange information with the neurons in the brain. Doctors speak of „neuro-intelligence of the heart”.

Neurony lustrzane – Odpowiedzialne za empatię

Mirror neurons - Rafał OhmeMirror neurons

– For our extraordinary abilities are responsible mirror neurons, the nerve cells scattered in different regions of the brain. They allow you to feel the emotions and intentions of others. Responsible for empathy.

says Prof.. Rafal Ohme, psychologist and specialist in neuroscience consumer.

Mirror neurons - Giacomo RizzolattiWithout mirror neurons would not be possible, most human relationships. We could not understand each other

– adds Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti of the University of Parma in the Italy. He got on the trail of mirror neurons by accident, when in the late 80s led research on the effects of motor cortex in the brain. He wanted to know how the brain behaves monkeys family of macaques, when performing simple tasks.