VR może spowodować wymioty – Z powodu choroby lokomocyjnej

VR może spowodować wymioty

VR może spowodować wymioty – Z powodu choroby lokomocyjnej

VR może spowodować wymioty – Żeby w pełni odczuć wejście do wirtualnej rzeczywistości, trzeba oszukać nie tylko wzrok, lecz także inne zmysły. To również powód, dla którego u wielu użytkowników rzeczywistość wirtualna może wywoływać problemy, które występują też przy chorobie lokomocyjnej. Wówczas wrażenia odbierane przez błędnik nie zgadzają się z bodźcami wzrokowymi. W chorobie lokomocyjnej oczy widzą, że ciało się nie porusza, a błędnik rejestruje bezustanny ruch, wychylenia i przyspieszenia, w przypadku mdłości wywołanych przez rzeczywistość wirtualną jest zupełnie odwrotnie. Oczy widzą doskonałą symulację przestrzeni, zakrywającą całe pole widzenia. Jednak mózg nie rejestruje żadnych sygnałów ruchu od błędnika ani innych zmysłów. W obu przypadkach pojawia się zmysłowy dysonans, który powoduje złe samopoczucie, zawroty głowy, uczucie zmęczenia, a nawet wymioty.

Old age mental activity – Number of neurons

Old age mental activity - brain_weight_ageOld age mental activity

Old age mental activity – The decrease in mental activity in old age was attributed to the decreasing with age, the number of brain cells. Neurologists from universities in Boston and Washington, however, proved. That almost all of the 10 billion cells used while thinking, they are active even in 80-year-olds.

Alcoholism effects – Repairing damaged neurons

Alcoholism effects - alcoholism_-_streetAlcoholism effects

Alcoholism effects – Scientists from Wurzburg in Germany found that damage to brain cells caused by excessive alcohol consumption can be repaired only partially. They note that in the interest of alcoholics is the fastest return to sobriety. Longer heavy drinking causes brain regeneration proceeds with great difficulty.

Impact hair thinking – Hair arranged in the left side

Impact hair thinking - Celia GomezImpact hair thinking

Impact hair thinking – Researchers from the University of Bonn have discovered that only a small part of the population. Hair around the crown arranged to the left. They proved that the hair arranged in the left side may have a similar effect on the functioning of the brain as writing with left hand. Thus confirming the theory that describes the stacking of hair left almost exclusively left-handed persons.

Men and women brains weight differences

Men and women brains weight differences - brain_weight_ageMen and women brains weight differences

Men and women brains weight differences – Researchers under the direction of Paul Farmer of Harvard Medical School in the US have shown that the size of certain parts of the brain in women is different from the same part of the brain in men. The frontal lobe in which the center of decision-making and problem-solving, weighs more in women than in men. More space is also an area responsible for short-term memory and spatial orientation.

Physical exercises beneficial effects

Physical exercises beneficial effects - exercices_daerobicPhysical exercises beneficial effects

Physical exercises beneficial effects – Have a positive impact on the level of neurotrophic factor BDNF, which promotes growth, improves communication and survival of neurons. A diet rich in healthy fats, for example. Omega-3 fatty acid, nourishes the brain tissue, where fat plays a key role – creates a sheath cellular and myelin.

Brain Map – Computer atlas of the biochemistry

Brain Map - BrainBrain Map

Brain Map – American scientists have provided online computer atlas of the human brain. The project cost approx. $ 55 million. During the development of the atlas was examined and mapped the biochemistry of two brains of adults. With the obtained data it shows that human brains combines 94% rotation-similarity. Atlas is similar to the multi-purpose GPS system the brain identifies landmarks in 1000 based on over 100 million data points each biochemistry and genes that reveal in it. Atlas is available at www.brain-map.org.

Difference between brain hemispheres

Difference between brain hemispheres - BrainDifference between brain hemispheres

Difference between brain hemispheres – At approx. 98 % of right – handed and at approx. 70  % of left – handers speech centers are located in the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere was described as a non – verbal, visual – spatial, simultaneous, holistic and intuitive. While the left as verbal, rational, sequential. Functional asymmetry of the hemispheres of the brain means that one prevails over the other. They perform complementary roles in the processes of thinking. Although the function of each hemisphere of the brain is different, it is equally important for the proper functioning of all mental activities.

Synthetic exendin – Previously only from saliva

Synthetic exendin - Gila monsterSynthetic exendin

Synthetic exendin – Eli Lilly & Co. has developed synthetically exendin – 4. Previously only obtainable from the saliva of the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) – one of two venomous lizards in the world. Living in the deserts of the northwestern Mexico and south western United States. During the manufacturing process used the latest methods of biogenetics. Exendin is intended for the treatment of type 2 diabetes has become a forerunner in a new series of drugs known as mimetic (imitation) incretin. They imitate the action of incretin hormones found in nature. In addition to the pancreas incretins also affect other organs in connection with the regulation of glucoseliver, kidney, muscle and brain.

Through stomach to brain

Through stomach to brain - YogurtThrough stomach to brain

Through stomach to brain – Researchers University of California at Los Angeles found that in people who do not consume dairy products part of the brain associated with processing emotions and feeling of the body is more stable or increased. Been studied the brains of people who regularly eat probiotic yogurt. It turned out that the brain has better communication between the trunk and the prefrontal cortex.