Prehistoryczny człowiek – Odkrycie męskiego chromosomu Y

Prehistoric human - HumanPrehistoric human

Prehistoric human – Thanks to the research of the male Y chromosome, scientists discovered when he lived approximately ancestor of all men. At about the same time as the geneticists appeared primeval mother of all women. Based on a thorough comparison of the genetic material, the researchers came to the conclusion that a hypothetical Adam lived approx. 126-150 thousand years ago.

Łysy człowiek posiada większe ryzyko choroby serca

Bald man has higher risk of MI - Bald_Man's_NapeBald man has higher risk of MI

Bald man has higher risk of MI – The risk of cardiovascular disease in bald men is higher by as much as 1/3 of that of the other men. Tests on 37 thousand. men carried Japanese scientists. Hair loss depends on the activity of male hormones, which also accelerate hardening of the blood vessels, or the effects of atherosclerosis.

Wyższe IQ – Zmniejszenie poziomu ubóstwa

Higher IQHigher IQ

Higher IQ – With American research shows that the improvement in the average IQ test scores in the total population of the three points would reduce the level of poverty by 25 per cent., The level of use of benefits by 18 percent. and the number of men in prisons by 25 per cent., while adding to the GDP of the United States an additional 1.5 percent.

Męski rak piersi – Złośliwe guzy także u mężczyzn

Male breast cancer - BrustwarzeMale breast cancer

Male breast cancer – Oncologists are increasingly recognizing that malignant breast lumps also appear in men. In the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer approx. 400 men per year. Patients are usually in shock, because not enough that they did not expect that he could touch them such a condition, it is often consider this a shameful affliction.

Statystyka samobójstw – Większe ryzyko dla mężczyzn

Suicides statistic - Ryszard_siwiec_stadion_X_leciaSuicides statistic

Suicides statistic – Being a man is associated clearly with an increased risk. For one woman the dying by his own hand for as much as 6 men. Prof. Maria Jarosz, sociologist PAN (Polish Academy of Science), in its recent publication devoted to suicide examine cases from the past 60 years and found a 400% increase in the number of male suicides.

Męska edukacja – Większość nauczycieli dzisiaj to kobiety

Male education - Afghan_college_entrance_exam_dayMale education

Male education – Teachers today are mostly women – is one of the most female-dominated professions: nearly 600 thousand. females there were a little over 100 thousand. men. Maybe men should get additional points in the recruitment to the teaching profession or the internal verification. A study by the London School of Economics argues that students put more effort and achieve better results when they are taught by men. The results of the experiment showed that boys cut their expectations, the exam evaluate teachers.

Najwyższy naród świata – Holendrzy

Tallest nation on earth - Netherlands, Hindeloopen, 2004Tallest nation on earth

Tallest nation on earth – The Dutch, with an average increase of 184 cm for men and 171 cm in women. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine speculate that the above-average growth of the Dutch is to improve the diet and living conditions. While other nations are living in the last decades prosperous, not shot up as the Dutch. However, there is a growth gene for our growth corresponds to at least 180 different genes.