Kobiety na parkiecie tanecznym

Kobiety na parkiecie tanecznym - Cykl miesiączkowy

Kobiety na parkiecie tanecznym

Kobiety na parkiecie tanecznym – According to Bernhard Fink, an evolutionary psychologist and anthropologist at the University of Göttingen, women during ovulation dance more sensual. Their more attractive during ovulation is the result of physiological changes that are primarily associated with an increase in estrogen levels.

Estrogen affects the control of muscles, ligaments, tendons and the whole locomotor system, which implies that may also affect the way we move the body.”

– says Fink.

Zmienia kobiecy głos – Ludzka biologia współpracuje

Zmienia kobiecy głos – Krtań

Zmienia kobiecy głos – Ludzka biologia współpracuje

Zmienia kobiecy głos – Ludzka biologia współpracuje – Changes in the human voice are associated with human biology.

For example, the cells in the larynx and vagina are very similar and have similar hormone receptors, therefore, react similarly to hormonal changes in the body”

Says psychologist N.Pipitone from Adams State College in Colorado, which dealt with the changes in a woman’s voice. His research showed that the most attractive women have a voice during ovulation and menstruation their voice gets hoarse and less attractive to men.

Japończycy skończyli z seksem

Japanese finished with sex - Ikoma_montageJapanese finished with sex

Japanese finished with sex – According to the Japan Association for. Family Planning 40% of Japanese women say they are virgins, and 45% of women aged 16-45 years is not interested in sex or even to despise. It turned out that in the age group 18-34 intercourse not maintained 61% of men and 49% of women in Japan.

Kobiece zaburzenia emocjonalne

Emotional disorders in women - Female faceEmotional disorders in women

Emotional disorders in women – Nowadays defined disease called histrionic personality disorder. They suffer from it especially women, to a lesser extent, may also apply to men. It manifests itself labile affect, and in some cases even result in a lack of control over their own behavior. Further symptoms are prone to behaviors theater, spinning intrigues, seeking excitement and desire to be the center of attention. Often there are also prone to manipulation, and ruthlessness towards other people. These characteristics often cause problems in interpersonal relations.

Atrakcyjność w stresie

Attractiveness in stress - Hair_pulling_stressAttractiveness in stress

Attractiveness in stress – British scientists at Newcastle University conducted an experiment on 81 volunteers who had to assess the attractiveness of 10 women from very thin to obese. Half of the men just before the assessment has been subjected to stress. It turned out that the stressed group plumper women were more attractive than their calmer counterparts.

Kobiecy zmysł węchu – Efekty cyklu menstruacyjnego

Female sense of smell - Human_NoseFemale sense of smell

Female sense of smell – In 2001. Italian scientists have studied the effects of the menstrual cycle on the sense of smell. It turned out that the nose is the most sensitive in the ovulation period, at a time when they are most fertile women. After three months of hormonal contraception women lost their greater sensitivity to odors in about ovulation.

Pancernik dziewięciopaskowy – Przesypia 80% życia

Nine-banded ArmadilloNine-banded Armadillo

Nine-banded Armadillo – Inhabits mainly South America. and was even the mascot of the World Cup in Brazil. This is not an active animal. Armadillos are sleeping 80% of their lives. However, they have an interesting feature on reproduction. Female under stress can postpone childbirth up to 4 months.

Kontynent po wojnie – Europa na koniec II wojny światowej

Continent of women and children - Waldenburg 1945Continent of women and children

Continent of women and children – Europe at the end of World War II, called the continent of women and children. Traveling at this time the ruined Germany was vainly looking for men between 17 and 40 years of age. Only in the Soviet Union at the end of the war, there were as many as 13 million women more than men. As a result, every third woman, who at that time came into adulthood, never married.