Gniazdo dinozaurów – Paleontologiczne odkrycie

Gniazdo dinozaurów – Paleontologiczne odkrycie w Mongolii

Gniazdo dinozaurów – Paleontologiczne odkrycie

Gniazdo dinozaurów – Paleontologists have discovered in Mongolia population of 70 million years old dinosaur nest kind of Protoceratops Andrewsi. It was in the 15 newly hatched young. This discovery proves that immature individuals were in the nest after hatching and died not only as food for others. But also due to external conditions.

Pochodzenie ludzkiego cholesterolu

Pochodzenie ludzkiego cholesterolu

Pochodzenie ludzkiego cholesterolu

Pochodzenie ludzkiego cholesterolu – Cholesterol is a steroid, or a compound belonging to the lipids. It is delivered into the body with food (exogenous source) approx. 400-500 mg per day. However, the bulk of cholesterol is derived from endogenous sources. Its production deal mainly the liver (70%), colon (15%) and the skin (5%) – approx. 2-3 g per day.

Zachowanie terytorialne – Walka o zwierzchnictwo

Zachowanie terytorialne – Walka o zwierzchnictwo

Zachowanie terytorialne – Walka o zwierzchnictwo

Zachowanie terytorialne – Walka o zwierzchnictwo – The primary manifestation of aggressive behavior of animals is called. territorial behavior. Each species has its own territory, the living space. It provides them with the right resources present in the area. The most important of these is food (including water), the presence of the opposite sex partner and a suitable place to nest, burrow or other accommodation.

Glutaminian sodu – Wzmacnia smak oraz zapach

Monosodium glutamateMonosodium glutamate

Monosodium glutamate – Developed a chemical equivalent of natural umami taste. It is the monosodium glutamate, also designated E621. Pure monosodium glutamate has no taste, and added to food enhances its taste and smell. For this reason, it is a component of bouillon cubes, Chinese soups, Vegeta, and other spices.

Czy bigos zawsze na kapuście ?

Is mishmash always done with cabbage? - MishmashIs mishmash always done with cabbage?

Is mishmash always done with cabbage ? – Mishmashis popular in traditional Polish cuisine dish initially consisted mainly of sliced pieces of various types of meat or fish. Mishmashit was just a dish with minced something. At the end of the fourteenth century. Mishmash called jelly with chopped meat, a seventeenth-century Poles used the wordsmishmashing” in relation to fight. „Mishmashing meant as much as chop into small pieces. It was only in the eighteenth century. The basic component of food has become a cabbage.

Degustacja jedzenia przez nogi

Food tasting by legs - Muscidae_NZ_sp_1_maleFood tasting by legs

Food tasting by legs – Olfactory receptors and taste flies are placed on the sensory hairs covering practically the whole body. The feet and legs as well. Just something to land on and touch the feet and armed with chemoreceptors the tip of the abdomen that caught on whether this is a good place to lay eggs. Taste receptors are much several million times more sensitive than those that are in our tongue.

Orzech brazylijski – Przechowuje bar oraz rad

Brasilian nut - Bertholletia_excelsaBrasilian nut

Brasilian nut – Brazilian nut tree called (Bertholletia excelsa) has a special feature: a substrate absorbs and stores barium and radium. This causes its fruits valued for their flavor and a fat content of 50% are a thousand times more radioactive than other foods. It is recommended to eat maximum two Brazil nuts a day.

Radioaktywne artykuły spożywcze – 5 milionów bananów naraz

Radioactive groceries - BananasRadioactive groceries

Radioactive groceries – Five million bananas at one time – so many would have to eat a man to their radioactive happened to him really dangerous. Other radioactive traces foods include spinach, salmon, avocado, apricot and wild mushrooms.

Przeciążenie stawów – Chrząstka wchłania płyn stawowy jak gąbka

If joint is overloaded - Joint SchemeIf joint is overloaded

If joint is overloaded – Cartilage absorb liquid like a sponge, downloading at the same nutrients. During loading of the fluid and metabolic waste is wrung out of the „sponge”. That’s why regular exercise is so important for cartilage regeneration: only through joint movements, resulting in a constant inflow and outflow of synovial fluid, you can ensure the optimum supply of „food”.