Rodzaje DNA – Różnica pomiędzy 2 typami DNA

Rodzaje DNA – Różnica pomiędzy 2 typami DNARodzaje DNA – Różnica pomiędzy 2 typami DNARodzaje DNA

Rodzaje DNA – Distinction is made between two types of DNA:

  • Nuclear DNA, in the nucleus of each cell of the human body consists of 20-25 thousand. genes. After the death of its host quickly degrades.
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), contains only 37 genes. During the study, scientists use mtDNA, which is inherited only from the mother, it retains a relatively high resistance to the influence of sexual selection, however, it is a frequent mutations.

Mieszkańcy Półwyspu Iberyjskiego – Początkowo izolowane grupy

Mieszkańcy Półwyspu Iberyjskiego

Mieszkańcy Półwyspu Iberyjskiego – Początkowo izolowane grupy

Mieszkańcy Półwyspu Iberyjskiego – Początkowo izolowane grupy – Researchers from the University of Leicester managed to develop genes inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula. They found that initially isolated groups of Arabs, Sephardi Jews and Christians in the past, often intermingled. Conducive to religious conversions, which often be forced ethnic minorities.

Dysleksja – Gen oraz ręka

Dyslexia gene and hand - Human_BrainDyslexia gene and hand

Dyslexia gene and hand – In 2007. Scientists from Oxford University, who studied in children with dyslexia association preference of a particular hand, have discovered a gene LRRTM1. It is assumed that it is one of the strongest factors that cause the appearance of left-handed. This could also explain heredity left-handedness. If both parents are left-handed, the likelihood that their child will be left-handed, is 26%.

Zapach przyjaciela – Analiza zmian genów

Friends smell - Hands_Holding1Friends smell - Hands_Holding2

Friends smell - Hands_Holding3Friends smell

Friends smell – Scientists from the United States analyzed almost 1.5 million markers variations of genes in almost 2 thousand. people who were not biologically related to each other. A pair of friends had the same level of common genes, which are cousins, having a common ancestor in the fourth generation, ie approx. 1% of the common genome. The most common gene shared with friends was a gene affecting our sense of smell.

Możliwości węchu zwierzęcego

Animal olfactory opportunities - Male-African-Elefant-Loxodonta-africana-in-Serengeti Animal olfactory opportunities - Aussie_Bonnie_plays_with_footballAnimal olfactory opportunities

Animal olfactory opportunities – Researchers at the University of Tokyo compared the number of genes responsible for the sense of smell in 13 mammals, including man. It turned out that of all the animals tested was the elephant has the most olfactory genesin 1948, in second place came the rat (1207 genes), followed by the cow (1186 genes). Dogs of 811 genes were in the middle of the statement, and a man of 396 genes was ninth. Worst fell orangutan, which has only 296 olfactory genes.

Uzależniające opalanie – Wywołuje produkcję endorfiny

Addictive sunbathing - SunbathingAddictive sunbathing

Addictive sunbathing – The need exposure to the sun, as the most important source of vitamin D, we encoded in the genes. UV radiation causes the body’s production of endorphins the hormones of happiness, of which we can be quite addictive.

System komunikacyjny – Może być bardzo różnorodny

Communication system

Communication system – Ant communication system is more complex than previously assumed zoologists. The team prof. Neil Tsutsui from the University of Berkley read the genome of Argentine ants and counted with them until 367 genes associated with the sense of smell, while these genes in bees is only 167, in mosquitoes 79. This means that the substances secreted by the ants communication can be extremely varied and provide a lot of information.

Homoseksualizm wśród ludzi

Homosexuality among humans - Eakins,_Thomas_(1844-1916)_-_1883_ca._-_Autoritratto_con_John_Laurie_WallaceHomosexuality among humans

Homosexuality among humans – In 2005 year team of dr. Brian Mustanski from Northwestern University argued that in terms of the three joint genes. However, it proved true in every case studied. Today carefully geneticists say that in the case of homosexual men phenomenon is too complex for it to depend only one gene. The game can also enter epigenetic factors, or chemical „additions” to the DNA strands.

Drożdżowe mleko – Tęsknota za smakiem krowiego mleka

Milk from yeasts - S_cerevisiae_under_DIC_microscopyMilk from yeasts

Milk from yeasts – Longing for the taste of cow’s milk, but professing an orthodox vegan scientists from the US, solved their problem by introducing into yeast cells cow genes for the synthesis of milk components. In a similar way is prepared for quite a time certain medications. The milk milked from yeast has a chance to appear in stores in two years.