Przez żołądek do mózgu

Przez żołądek do mózgu - Jogurt

Through stomach to brain

Through stomach to brain – Researchers University of California at Los Angeles found that in people who do not consume dairy products part of the brain associated with processing emotions and feeling of the body is more stable or increased. Been studied the brains of people who regularly eat probiotic yogurt. It turned out that the brain has better communication between the trunk and the prefrontal cortex.

Używanie zapachu

Używanie zapachu - Perfumy

Używanie zapachu

Używanie zapachu – If a particular scent can trigger specific emotions can therefore affect our behavior and decisions, eg. Buying (from 70s known that emotions decide the election to a much greater extent than quality or price). Properly applied smell can be a powerful tool for manipulation, is likely to attract other people (customers, employees or partners) desirable behavior.

Podstawowe emocje

Podstawowe emocje

Podstawowe emocje

Podstawowe emocje – During the 70s. American psychologist Paul Ekman identified a basic set of seven emotions, which can be read from his face: joy, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt and surprise. His findings were the basis of detection lies. The assumption was that our faces can be read involuntarily mikrogrymasy, betraying even the best cheater.

Dodatkowe emocje

Dodatkowe emocje - Emotions

Dodatkowe emocje

Dodatkowe emocje – In 2005. Researchers from the University of Cambridge – Dr. Rana el Kaliouby together with prof. Simon Baron-Cohen decided to expand the set of emotions Ekman. It turned out that the face can be read also thoughtfulness, consent, concentration, attention, and confusion and disagreement.

Chińczycy patrzą inaczej

Chinese see otherwise - Zhou YongkangChinese see otherwise

Chinese see otherwise – A study by Rachel E. Jack from the University of Glasgow, on 15 white Europeans and 15 Chinese people showed that the Chinese in assessing the emotions of another human being focus on the expression of the eyes, and the Europeans are looking primarily for eyebrows and lips caller. These cultural differences lead to erroneous read emotions and misunderstandings between members of different cultures.

Kobiece zaburzenia emocjonalne

Emotional disorders in women - Female faceEmotional disorders in women

Emotional disorders in women – Nowadays defined disease called histrionic personality disorder. They suffer from it especially women, to a lesser extent, may also apply to men. It manifests itself labile affect, and in some cases even result in a lack of control over their own behavior. Further symptoms are prone to behaviors theater, spinning intrigues, seeking excitement and desire to be the center of attention. Often there are also prone to manipulation, and ruthlessness towards other people. These characteristics often cause problems in interpersonal relations.

Pamięć lubi kolory – Używanie ulubionych kolorów

Memory likes colors - True_Color_GIF_image-Tc217Memory likes colors

Memory likes colors – It is assumed that 83% of the information received by sight, hearing 11%, 3.5% smell, touch 1.5% and 1% flavor. Memory and the huge impact of color is because using your favorite colors while taking notes makes we gain emotional relation to the content and thus better remember.

Robert Katzman – Amerykański neurolog

Robert KatzmanRobert Katzman

Robert Katzman – A neurologist at the University of Medical Sciences Albert Einstein discovered that regular dancing reduces the risk of developing dementia in old age by as much as 76 percent! Reason: Dance engages different brain areas such as the center of hearing, movement, emotions and spatial awareness.

Silna psychoaktywna substancja

Strong psychoactive substance - Sugar_2xmacroStrong psychoactive substance

Strong psychoactive substance – C12H22O11 – a powerful psychoactive substance. Just as cocaine, alcohol or nicotine to the extent stimulates the reward system in the brain that a person can become dependent. In this chemical formula, however, does not hide any illegal drug, but the Sucrose better known as sugar, which we all use every day in their homes.

According to a recent study conducted at the University of New South Wales in Australia, sugar especially in the form of sugary drinks a negative impact on memory (as well as chronic stress). Researchers observed two groups of rats: suffering from stress and emotionally stable. The latter for some time given sweetened drinks. We found that in the rat hippocampus consumed sugar (in the region of the brain responsible for memory) was broken to the same extent as in the stressed animals.

Especially be careful to feed children sweets. Already a few years ago, they saw US researchers, who served for a month rats sweet drinks. It turned out that sugar had no significant impact on the brain of older rats, and impair learning and memory ability in the young.

Neurony lustrzane – Odpowiedzialne za empatię

Mirror neurons - Rafał OhmeMirror neurons

– For our extraordinary abilities are responsible mirror neurons, the nerve cells scattered in different regions of the brain. They allow you to feel the emotions and intentions of others. Responsible for empathy.

says Prof.. Rafal Ohme, psychologist and specialist in neuroscience consumer.

Mirror neurons - Giacomo RizzolattiWithout mirror neurons would not be possible, most human relationships. We could not understand each other

– adds Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti of the University of Parma in the Italy. He got on the trail of mirror neurons by accident, when in the late 80s led research on the effects of motor cortex in the brain. He wanted to know how the brain behaves monkeys family of macaques, when performing simple tasks.