Psychologia wzrostu – Śmiech nie jest nabyty lecz wrodzony

Psychologia wzrostu – Profil twarzy dziecka w płodzie

Psychologia wzrostu – Śmiech nie jest nabyty lecz wrodzony

Psychologia wzrostu – British scientists have proved that laughter is not something acquired, but innate. With the help of ultrasound was recorded children in the uteri. The first facial movements have been observed in the second trimester, and all elements detecting a laugh approx. 30 weeks. It was thus negated one of the existing theory of psychological development.

Mózg geniusza uszkodzony

Mózg geniusza uszkodzony - Autyzm

Mózg geniusza uszkodzony

Mózg geniusza uszkodzony – Savant, or learned fool is a man showing outstanding talent or extremely detailed knowledge of the field, while mentally retarded. Although savants often also suffer from autism, it does not mean that all savants are autistic. Such cases account for approx. 50 %, the second half of the savants suffer from other developmental disorders or central nervous system damage. Only 10 % of children with autism are savants, among people with learning disabilities (more frequent than autism) savants account for only 1 %. Savant syndrome is more common in males, it is estimated that, compared to women, this is approx. 5: 1.

Dysleksja – Gen oraz ręka

Dyslexia gene and hand - Human_BrainDyslexia gene and hand

Dyslexia gene and hand – In 2007. Scientists from Oxford University, who studied in children with dyslexia association preference of a particular hand, have discovered a gene LRRTM1. It is assumed that it is one of the strongest factors that cause the appearance of left-handed. This could also explain heredity left-handedness. If both parents are left-handed, the likelihood that their child will be left-handed, is 26%.

Kontakt pozazmysłowy – Eksperyment potwierdza umiejętności

Extrasensory contact - Domestic rabbitExtrasensory contact

Extrasensory contact – American analysts were intrigued by the experiment confirms the ability to contact extrasensory. The test consisted of receiving young rabbits from his mother and killing them in a submerged submarine. At the same time by EEG was monitored activity Doe. According to the researchers apparatus recorded the violent reaction of the nervous system at the moment of killing children.

Mózg podczas dorastania – Prawa półkula rośnie szybciej

Brain during adolescence - Four_lobes_animation_small2Brain during adolescence

Brain during adolescence – Young children have the ability to quickly absorb information. This is because the right hemisphere is growing faster than the left, squaring them only at the 3.5-year-olds, then schoolchildren left hemisphere becomes dominant. Therefore, with age, our ability to assimilate information wane.

Kontynent po wojnie – Europa na koniec II wojny światowej

Continent of women and children - Waldenburg 1945Continent of women and children

Continent of women and children – Europe at the end of World War II, called the continent of women and children. Traveling at this time the ruined Germany was vainly looking for men between 17 and 40 years of age. Only in the Soviet Union at the end of the war, there were as many as 13 million women more than men. As a result, every third woman, who at that time came into adulthood, never married.

Cywilizacja pozaziemska

Extraterrestrial civilization - Sombrero_Galaxy_in_infrared_light_(Hubble_Space_Telescope_and_Spitzer_Space_Telescope)            Extraterrestrial civilization - WinkAlien

Extraterrestrial civilization

Extraterrestrial civilization – According to a survey by CBOS up to 39 percent. Poles believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. If you ask children how looks alien, most would answer that it is green – because the image of an alien know from fairy tales, movies, and even advertising of vitamins for children.

Wielodzietny ojciec

Numerous father - Coloured-familyNumerous father

Numerous father – In October, 2013. Sophia W., senior clerk program operator Sygnity (virtual system update the list of charges Social Welfare Centres), noticed some obscenely high one-time grants for six mothers. Digital program generates information about the six beneficiaries who were born six children on the baby bonus amount of 20 190 . With control that some beneficiaries were pregnant a few times a year and their accounts from January 2010. Fed subsistence allowance in the amount of 400 thousand. zł. To blame the whole affair admitted Kamil J. official municipal, district Lukow. He was sentenced to four years probation for eight and unconditional return of grants.