Eksplozja indonezyjskiego wulkanu

Eksplozja indonezyjskiego wulkanu - Wulkan TamboraEksplozja indonezyjskiego wulkanu - Mapa wyspy SumbawaEksplozja indonezyjskiego wulkanu - Krater wulkanu Tambora

Eksplozja indonezyjskiego wulkanu

Eksplozja indonezyjskiego wulkanu – 7. 04. 1815. On the Indonesian island of Sumbawa exploded volcano Tambora. Experts compared the strength of its 1000 US atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion brought with it 50 thousand. human victims. From the crater blown up about 150 km³ stones. The volcano threw into the atmosphere huge amounts of dust and sulfur dioxidea cloud stretched across the earth and covered the sun, another period has been recorded as the „year without a summer.” Summer frosts have caused damage to the collections of Europe and North America. In many areas were the cause of starvation.

Io najbardziej aktywny wulkanicznie

Io most active volcanically - Io surfaceIo most active volcanically

Io most active volcanically – There is, on the same conditions as in hell. It is the most active volcanic object in the solar system. Throws tons of sulfur, so its poor atmosphere composed predominantly of sulfur dioxide. On the colored surface of Io erupts approx. 400 volcanoes. And it plays an important role in shaping the magnetosphere of Jupiter.