Najszybszy samochód świata – Najdłużej tytuł należał do Ferrari

Najszybszy samochód świata – Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Najszybszy samochód świata – Najdłużej tytuł należał do Ferrari

Najszybszy samochód świata – In 2013, first place in the category of fastest cars took the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. Reaching a top speed of 430.98 km / h. The longest title belonged to the Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Dayton. Which kept it from 1968 to 1984. When he received his Ferrari 288 GTO. Right behind him is the McLaren F1, which remained on the podium for 12 years from 1993 to 2005. In which it was dethroned by Bugatti Veyron.

27 February 2014 American Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest car in the world, and this is thanks to Brian Smith. Which at the Kennedy Space Center landing strip for the shuttle drove at a speed of 435.31 km / h. Despite this speed, Venom has not been officially recognized as the fastest production car by the Guinness Book of Records. Car did not meet a number of conditions.

Największa elektrownia słoneczna – Shams 1

Largest solar power station - Shams 1Largest solar power station

Largest solar power station – Construction of solar power pays off in most areas where there is a lot of sun and little agricultural land. Such a place is eg. The United Arab Emirates. March 17, 2014. Near Abu Dhabi opened the most productive solar power plant in the world. Called Shams 1, and its daily production of energy is 100 MW, or about 10% of the energy formerly produced by one reactor at Chernobyl.

The Game Awards 2014 – Finalna gala w Las Vegas

The Game Awards 2014The Game Awards 2014

The Game Awards 2014 – In Las Vegas he held a final gala The Game Awards 2014. The jury, composed of representatives of the 28 most influential in the world of magazines and websites (eg. „The Guardian„, „LA Times„, „USA Today”, „Wired” and others. ), has chosen the best titles of 2014. the final five „best independent game brokethe Vanishing of Ethan Carterwas founded by Adrian Chmielarz studio the Astronauts. In turn, theGames that bring change,” passed the jury This War of Mine” by 11 bit studios.

Szpitalne pagery Stanów Zjednoczonych

US hospitals pagers - Motorola_Pager_2US hospitals pagers

US hospitals pagers – In 2014. 90 percent of US hospitals still used the pager. There are an alternative to a mobile phone, but its complement. They check up where modern technology fails. Pagers do not have to be loaded, because just the simple battery. Coverage of their networks often reaches where there is no signal needed normal mobile phones. They do not disturb the work complicated medical equipment, so they can be used throughout the hospital.

Producent klocków – Zarobił rekordowe zyski

Blocks manufacturer - Lego_Forbidden_CityBlocks manufacturer

Blocks manufacturer – The famous manufacturer of Lego blocks brings record profits recently. In 2014. Danish company earned on a purely 7 billion Danish kroner, or nearly 4 billion . With such results Lego has become the largest toy manufacturer in the world, ahead of the US Mattel (Barbie dolls from this). However, these successful Danish company owes not only the famous Lego, but also the film industry.

Koncertowe zachowania – Badania przeprowadzone w 2014

Concert behavior - Agnostic_Front_Crowd_Sofia_BlackboxConcert behavior

Concert behavior – The research carried out in 2014. For Live Nation Entertainment (agencies dealing with, among others, market analysis concert and accompanying behaviors), in the United States shows that during concerts 85% of patients taking pictures phones, 68% send text messages and 57 % writes about the event on Facebook. One quarter of the respondents use the phone once an hour, 21% at 30 minutes, and every tenth respondent glances at the screen smartphone once a quarter.

2014 był najcieplejszym rokiem – Zgodnie z analizą NOAA

2014 year was the warmest - Haze_and_clouds_obscure_the_setting_sun_-_NOAA2014 year was the warmest

2014 year was the warmest – According to the analysis of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2014 was the warmest year since the beginning of the measurements. For the first time since 1990. Record temperature achieved without the influence of the weather phenomenon El Niño.

Celowe skracanie życia – Ustawa o prawach konsumenta

Deliberately shortening life - Paris_Assemblee_NationaleDeliberately shortening life

Deliberately shortening life – In October of 2014. France was adopted Law on Consumer Rights, which reads:

Deliberately shortening the life span of products by manufacturers will be considered cheating.

In this way, the French Government reacts to one of the most profitable strategy of enlarging profits by corporations: the so-called planned aging the product, also known as programmed death.