Parasomnia - Thomas_Burke_The_Nightmare_engravingParasomnia

Parasomnia – This phenomena accompanying sleep. Do not concern the length and quality of sleep. These are eg. Nightmares, night terror, sleep walking or wake up with confusion. An interesting type of parasomnia is a team ofexploding head” – in falling asleep there is a feeling that something exploded in or next to his head. It is very difficult to sleep after such an experience, but the doctors did not see any health risks stemming from this disorder.



Paternoster – A special kind of a Paternoster elevator (paternoster), consisting of a chain of enclosures. From a legal point of view, according to European standards is not a lift, but the crane systems. In Poland, we meet him, eg. In the building of the Regional Office in Opole, in the building of the Silesia in Katowice and the modernist headquarters of Bank Zachodni at Market Square in Wroclaw.


Hybristophilia - Ted Bundy during the trial, 1979Hybristophilia

Hybristophilia – A disorder in which the sole or preferred object of sexual desire are criminals may take a variety of substrate. According to the researcher Sheila Isenberg, hybristophilia often occurs in women who have behind them a difficult childhood victims of sexual abuse or mistreatment.