Growth psychology

Growth psychology

Growth psychology – British scientists have proved that laughter is not something acquired, but innate. With the help of ultrasound was recorded children in the uteri. The first facial movements have been observed in the second trimester, and all elements detecting a laugh approx. 30 weeks. It was thus negated one of the existing theory of psychological development.

Moonless development

Moonless development

Moonless development – Simulations 4 billion years of development of the Earth without the presence of the Moon. Were performed in the Research Center of NASA in Moffett Field, California by Jack Lisauer. In the developed model, the maximum angle at which leaned to the axis of the Earth, turned out to be much smaller than assumed earlier studies. The conclusions of the study were: Earth would be the Earth even without his extremely large satellite.

Stars turnover

Stars turnover - Tarantula NebulaStars turnover

Stars turnover – The Sun rotates at the equator at a speed of 2 km / s. Astronomers have discovered that the star of the Tarantula Nebula VFTS102 rotates at a record speed of 600 km/s.

First birds

First birds - Microraptor_575_ALFirst birds

First birds – Paleontologist Jingmal O’Connor made in China discovery that the first birds were victims of representatives of the dinosaurs.

– „125 million years ago, dinosaur Microraptor Gui hunted and devoured entirely representative of primitive birds from the group Enantiornithines. The find confirms our belief that the dromerosaurs lived on the trees.

Molecules from space

Molecules from space - Universe expansionMolecules from space

Molecules from space – Has been confirmed the hypothesis about the origin of molecules from space. The researchers were able to discover the so-called. Primary gas, which was created shortly after the Big Bang, it consists of hydrogen and its heavier isotope deuterium. This finding confirms that in the Big Bang were created only the lightest chemical elements, hydrogen and helium. Heavier elements appeared only after 100 million years.

Brussels tunnel

Brussels tunnel - Bruxelles-Arcades_et_tunnel_du_Cinquantenaire-001Brussels tunnel

Brussels tunnel – In 09.2011. European experts began their experiment in the Brussels tunnel, through which passes every day 25 thousand. cars. 100 meter length of building was covered with cement with titanium dioxide TiO2, which is the source of a chemical process called photocatalysis, acts as a catalyst driven by solar radiation (UV).

Cave lions

Cave lionsCave lions

Cave lions – With accurate analysis of the bones of extinct Cave lions that the cause of their extinction was narrow specialization Nutrition. Research collagen have shown that these animals mainly liked to the reindeer that consume lichens. With the change in climate 19 thousand. years ago, this type of lichens disappeared from Europe, which began dying reindeer. Cave lions also not able to adapt to new conditions, and consequently became extinct.

Dinosaurs nest

Dinosaurs nest - ProtoceratopsDinosaurs nest

Dinosaurs nest – Paleontologists have discovered in Mongolia population of 70 million years old dinosaur nest kind of Protoceratops Andrewsi. It was in the 15 newly hatched young. This discovery proves that immature individuals were in the nest after hatching and died not only as food for others. But also due to external conditions.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton - Isaac Newton by_Sir_Godfrey_KnellerIsaac Newton

Isaac Newton – Died 20.03.1727 (b. 1643), English physicist and mathematician. Developed the law of universal gravity and other laws of mechanics. He formulated the principle of conservation of momentum and angular momentum. He created the calculus of variations. 10. 12. 1684. – His work „De Motu Corporumabout the concept of gravity and its effect on the orbits of the planets, referring to Kepler’s laws, was read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley.

Christian Doppler

Christian DopplerChristian Doppler

Christian Doppler – Died 17.03.1853 (b. In 1803.), Austrian physicist and mathematician. Discoverer of the phenomenon of the impact of approaching and receding source of sound waves or light on its frequency.