Bacteria in human body

Bacteria in human body - SalmonellaBacteria in human body

Bacteria in human body – In the body of an adult human lives approx. 500 trillion of different bacteria, which is a lot more than your own body cells. Fortunately, most of these microorganisms are harmless.

Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness)

Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness)Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness)

Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness) – Adults should sleep between 6 and 9 hours a day. 9-10 hours is considered a long sleep, although not yet pathological. If we need to sleep more than 11 hours a day, we have to deal with hypersomnia, which is a common symptom of certain diseases, eg. Depression, dementia, etc.


Parasomnia - Thomas_Burke_The_Nightmare_engravingParasomnia

Parasomnia – This phenomena accompanying sleep. Do not concern the length and quality of sleep. These are eg. Nightmares, night terror, sleep walking or wake up with confusion. An interesting type of parasomnia is a team ofexploding head” – in falling asleep there is a feeling that something exploded in or next to his head. It is very difficult to sleep after such an experience, but the doctors did not see any health risks stemming from this disorder.

Prototype computer mouse

Prototype computer mousePrototype computer mouse

Prototype computer mouse – The mouse was not always part of computing. For the first time this useful device is presented to a wider audience in 1968. The presentation, which took place in San Francisco on December 9, 1968. Entered the history of computing as the „mother of all demos.” Employee Research Institute, Stanford, Douglas Engelbart, a group of computer experts demonstrated several hypertext, work on the windows and the base of e-mail.

Computer Odra

Computer OdraComputer Odra

Computer Odra – Construction of computer Odra was a turning point in the history of Polish science. The last copy worked flawlessly until 1 May 2010.

Genetically bad mother

Genetically bad mother - Mother kissing babyGenetically bad mother

Genetically bad mother – The mother, who insensitive way to deal with her child most likely has also been neglected in childhood and carries the standard for the next generation. The change in her behavior is based solely on realizing the problem and search for solutions to get rid of the burden of previous generations.

Water from well

Water from well - Rudza, studnia kołowrotowaWater from well

Water from well – It comes with a small depth near the wells are often different factories, construction sites, flows into them rain water efflux fertilizers and other inputs used in agriculture. According to data from 2013. More than 90% of the wells contain tap water undrinkable.

Doping in Munich

Doping in Munich - Olympic_flagDoping in Munich

Doping in Munich – In an anonymous survey conducted among athletes at the XX Olympic Games in Munich (1972). 85% of representatives admitted to the use of different doping.

Women on dance floor

Women on dance floor - Menstrual_cycleWomen on dance floor

Women on dance floor – According to Bernhard Fink, an evolutionary psychologist and anthropologist at the University of Göttingen, women during ovulation dance more sensual. Their more attractive during ovulation is the result of physiological changes that are primarily associated with an increase in estrogen levels.

Estrogen affects the control of muscles, ligaments, tendons and the whole locomotor system, which implies that may also affect the way we move the body.”

– says Fink.