Good timing

Good timing - Hourglass drawingGood timing

Good timing – Education changes the sense of time: among people with primary education, only 36% say that the fast flowing them time and up to 58% higher (CBOS survey 2006).

First mirrors

First mirrors - Neolithic mirrors of obsidianFirst mirrors

First mirrors – Come from the 2000. BC made of polished obsidianacid effusive rocks, made up almost exclusively of volcanic glass.

Mined world

Mined world - Minefield_warningMined world

Mined world – According to the UNDP / UN anti-personnel mines (the remains of the battles) kill 15-20 thousands humans per year.

Mole stereo smell

Mole stereo smell - European moleMole stereo smell

Mole stereo smell – During experiments with moles, neuroscientists from the University of  Vanderbildt in the US observed the repetitive patterns of behavior. The proof of the existence of stereo-smell of moles was an experiment in which scientists put the nostrils of moles plastic tubes, each facing in the opposite direction. Moles were so lost, that went on back and forth, and in most cases they can not find food.

Sex unrecognizable

Sex unrecognizable - Sex_and_nutritionSex unrecognizable

Sex unrecognizable – The researchers compared the behavior of men and women in many activities and come to the conclusion that from a psychological point of view of both sexes do not differ almost at all. Gender does not matter when solving math problems, argue or have fun with friends. Psychologist Bobbi Carothers, of the Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis analyzed data from 13 different studies over the past several decades. It was attended by over 13 thousand. volunteers. The researcher applied a variety of techniques, psychological and sociological. She concluded that the anonymous polls, you almost can not tell whether a questionnaire filled man or woman.

Immune system in rhinitis

Immune system in rhinitis - ChromosomeImmune system in rhinitis

Immune system in rhinitis – Scientists from Pittsburgh have identified a feature of the immune system, which determines whether the body can easily overcome cold. They took samples from 152 people. They measured the length of the end portion of chromosomes, called telomeres. Then the subjects were exposed to the virus. After 5 days, they checked who have succumbed to the disease. People with shorter telomeres likely to have a runny nose.

Feathers red grouse

Feathers red grouse - Alectoris rufaFeathers red grouse

Feathers red grouse – Researchers from the University of Bristol have discovered that plants attract the attention of their pollinators using electrical signals. While the flowers usually have a negative charge and send a weak electrical impulses, the bees send out a positive charge (with a force of 200 V), which obtain during the flight. Charges are very weak, so there will be no spark. However, it formed a small electric voltage that indicates the locus of bee sweet source.

NASA Plan for 2020

NASA Plan for 2020 - main_euclid-artist-impression-43_fullNASA Plan for 2020

NASA Plan for 2020 – NASA in 2020. Activate EUCLID telescope that will map the shape, brightness, and portrayed the space of two billion galaxies. With this satellite scientists try to understand the role played bydark matter” and „dark energy in the history of the cosmos. The project will involve nearly 1 thousand scientists from around the world. 40 of them are experts NASA.