Nation without sense of humor – Confirmed by research

Nation without sense of humor - Prince_Joachim_of_Prussia_in_uniformNation without sense of humor

Nation without sense of humor – In general, for such people believed the Germans. This was confirmed by international studies from 2011. More than 30 thousand. people from 15 countries had replaced the nations with the least sense of humor. In second place they landed the Russians and Turkey. The British who are known for their rigidity, reserves and balanced humor, found themselves in fourth and fifth took Americans.

Mirror neurons – Responsible for empathy

Mirror neurons - Rafał OhmeMirror neurons

– For our extraordinary abilities are responsible mirror neurons, the nerve cells scattered in different regions of the brain. They allow you to feel the emotions and intentions of others. Responsible for empathy.

says Prof.. Rafal Ohme, psychologist and specialist in neuroscience consumer.

Mirror neurons - Giacomo RizzolattiWithout mirror neurons would not be possible, most human relationships. We could not understand each other

– adds Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti of the University of Parma in the Italy. He got on the trail of mirror neurons by accident, when in the late 80s led research on the effects of motor cortex in the brain. He wanted to know how the brain behaves monkeys family of macaques, when performing simple tasks.

Allow you empathize

Allow you empathize - neuronAllow you empathize

Allow you empathize – In the first half of 2015. We found the mirror neurons so allow us to understand the position of another person that may even lead to a change of temperature of some parts of the body. Researchers at the University of Sussex in the UK, a group of 36 people showed three-minute films in which the actors put their hands in hot water, hot and ice, and the researchers measured the viewers heart rate and body temperature. When the subjects saw the film as a person shivering in the cold, dipping his hands in cold water, they felt chills. But it was not only a subjective impression. This change was detected thermometers. Temperature hand some test decreased by as much as 0.2 °C.

Cells became active – Prof. Rizzolatti experiments

Cells became active - Giacomo RizzolattiCells became active

Cells became active – During one of the experiments prof. Rizzolatti saw something amazing. The cells of the brain became active not only when the monkey performed herself movement, but also when seen as the favorite of her peanut reached experimenter. Scientists team prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti repeated experience of macaques several times and had no doubt that neurons did not matter who takes the hand eating monkey or man, and every time I reacted the same way. They concluded, therefore, that the brain has cells which are coded patterns in certain activities, such as other memories are stored. They called mirror neurons.

Also present in human brain

Also present in human brain - Marco IacoboniAlso present in human brain

Also present in human brain – A few years after the experiment prof. Giacomo Rizzolattiego, Marco Iacoboni, a neuroscientist at the University of California in Los Angeles, showed that mirror neurons are also present in the human brain. By magnetic resonance watched the brain activity of students, which asked that performed the movements of the fingers, and then watched how others do it. We found that every time the active were exactly the same nerve cells: scattered primarily in the frontal cortex and parietal. His work was published in Science„, one of the most important scientific journals.

Kinetosis – Commonly known as motion sickness

Kinetosis - Hindley Street - LowerKinetosis

Kinetosis – Commonly known as motion sicknessmanifested headache, nausea passing in vomiting, confusion, sweating, and general malaise. Due to the lack of compatibility between visual stimuli and center of balance when the eyes register movement and our labyrinth is not.

Chameleon changing coloration

Chameleon changing colorationChameleon changing coloration

Chameleon changing coloration – Depending on the temperature, the ambient atmosphere and change color chameleon skin. Scientists have recently discovered the mechanism of this phenomenon: in the skin of lizards are cells called iridophores, which contain small crystals, reflecting light. Chameleon can tune these crystals, changing the distance between them. In this way, a spectrum of colors, which determines the number of nanocrystals and their distance to each other.

Church tower in water

Church tower in water - ReschenseeChurch tower in water

Church tower in waterThe lake Reschensee in South Tyrol (Italy) waiting an unusual sight: a protruding from the water Church tower. Only that was from the village of Alt-Graun. In the 50s of the last century energy company decided to create there a reservoir for electricity and water. AltGraun residents were displaced, and the valley around the village – was poured. Today, almost nothing after it has been – apart from protruding from the water tower of the ancient parish church of St. Catherine.

Cockroach without head

Cockroach without head - Cockroach 2Cockroach without head - CockroachCockroach without head

Cockroach without head – If you cut the head of cockroach, it will live on. Some of its basic functions – unlike in the more developed in terms of neurological animals – are not controlled with the head placed in the brain. Instead, the entire body is called nerve ganglia, which is a sort of mini-brains. Those placed in the body control the movement of legs and wings, and those in the abdomendigestive system. Still without a head will not live too long. Not having a mouth, through which he could collect liquids and food, cockroach dies after about nine days of hunger or thirst.