Utrzymać koncentrację – Zrozumieć wydajność

To maintain concentration - Alarm clockTo maintain concentration

To maintain concentration on highest possible level, you need to understand the rhythm of your performance

Explains the researcher attention, Karl Westhoff. The results show that most people most efficiently work between the hours of 9 and 12. The second so-called top falls on the time from 15 to 17. Psychologists advise to spend the time on the most difficult tasks. The period of slump, that is from 12 to 15, is perfect in turn to a less demanding tasks. Because people have different biorhythms, everyone should be the same test.

Zasada uważności – Strategia używana przez profesionalistów

Mindfulness rule - Magnifier on encyclopediaMindfulness rule

Mindfulness rule – This strategy is used mainly by professionals, such as. Forensic experts. When we analyze the crime scene, their brain is focused on the here and now.

This principle is called mindfulness (awareness) and means heightened vigilance. You have to concentrate on the present moment and realize the full potential of their senses

Says psychologist Maria Konnikova in the book „Think Like Sherlock Holmes„.

Adrian Raine – Kryminolog oraz badacz

Adrian RaineAdrian Raine

Adrian Raine – Criminologist and author of the book „The Anatomy of Violence”, he says

Over the years, I researched criminals and analyzed data from hundreds of studies. It turns out that the smallest errors in the functioning of the body – such as reduced heart rate or inactive brain cells can make a man become a serial killer. And these are factors over which we have no control.

Najwyższy naród świata – Holendrzy

Tallest nation on earth - Netherlands, Hindeloopen, 2004Tallest nation on earth

Tallest nation on earth – The Dutch, with an average increase of 184 cm for men and 171 cm in women. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine speculate that the above-average growth of the Dutch is to improve the diet and living conditions. While other nations are living in the last decades prosperous, not shot up as the Dutch. However, there is a growth gene for our growth corresponds to at least 180 different genes.

Kontakt pestycydów – Podwyższa ryzyko autyzmu

Contact with pesticides - Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on food crops.Contact with pesticides

Contact with pesticides – Research shows that exposure to pesticides during pregnancy increases the risk of developmental disorders in children (including autism) and cardiovascular disease later in life. These substances are also associated with obesity and diabetes. The European Commission after reviewing studies of pesticides in 1000, ordered to withdraw from the market approx. 700 of them.

Akrylamid – Bogate w węglowodany produkty roślinne

Acrylamide - Acrylamide 3DAcrylamide

Acrylamide – It gained notoriety when proven to be carcinogenic in rodents. Formed when carbohydrate-rich vegetable products are baked, fried or toasted. Acrylamide is a part of, among others, coffee, roasted and fried potatoes, potato chips, breakfast cereals, cookies and breads, as well as tobacco smoke.

Impregnaty – Substancje o niesamowitych właściwościach

Impregnates - Qarabag_xanlarina_mexrus_xalcaImpregnates

Impregnates – These substances have incredible properties repel water and fat, protect against staining different materials. However, many studies have shown that the trace amounts found in our blood. Most preservatives are perfluorocarbons (PFCs), marked abbreviations PFOS and PFOA. Their molecules are extremely durable, so they can circulate in the environment for years. In animals can disrupt hormone levels and cause cancer. In humans, these substances can lead to thyroid disease and improve cholesterol levels.

Cold Turkey SelfControl – Blokowanie wybranych stron internetowych

Cold Turkey SelfControl - Cold-TurkeyCold Turkey SelfControl - self-controlCold Turkey SelfControl

Cold Turkey SelfControl – You can not stop yourself from look on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Take advantage of the program blocking selected websites. The idea is that when working only use pages that are needed for it. Program Cold Turkey (PC) and selfcontrol (for Mac) can not be disabled, uninstalled during their work or cheat by changing the time on your computer. There will also restart the system, so even people with poor self-control will be able to focus on what’s important.